Newness Commercial Policies

Photos are only useable on stockist website and social media only when the goods arrive in your shop or warehouse,

this is to avoid any plagiarism. 

Minimum Order

A minimum order needs to be adhered to when purchasing our goods, for every new season an initial order of £500 , every order after must meet a minimum of £200.

We recommend a mark up of 2.0 in the U.K we do not expect you to go any lower during a non sale period. Selling any lower than our recommended retail price will put yourself and other retailers at at disadvantage . We expect you to observe the minimum RRP, we reserve the right to suspend your account until further notice. Price can be reduced during sale period,
We do not allow our products to be sold in markets as it puts pressure on the brand image. We also don't allow our products to be sold on e-commerce such as E-bay & Amazon once again we reserve the right to suspend your account until further notice.
After  an order is placed ,please allow 5-8 working days for delivery.  A  default charge of £10 for shipping is added to your order. No shipping costs will be added to your bill for orders over £500.

We do not offer a refund policy, only on occasion if the item has a defect or is damaged. We allow 7 days from purchase date for the goods to be returned back to us for any exchanges or refunds.  For any returns of damaged goods once the item has reached us we will issue a refund within 5-7 business working day or apply a credit note to your account up on request.

For more information on terms & conditions please feel free to drop us en email on or alternatively you can call our  number 01732 66 79 65.